Frequently Asked Questions

Massachusetts Customers -
Your legislative apparatus requires us to have a photocopy of your LTC on file before we can ship bullets or other inert components to you.  I know this is a hassle but we do try to obey applicable laws.  And so, in order for us to ship your order, you need to mail us a photocopy of your LTC to -

1551 SW 25th Road
Kingsville, MO  64061

Thank you for your understanding as we try to comply with your state's stupid law.

Technical question?
Write, don't call!

The nice ladies answering the phone are there to help customers with their orders, not to answer technical questions.

Address any and all technical questions using our Contact Us form. Please do so in a clear, concise manner that includes all relevant details. We don't have any ballistics experts here, but we do know a few things about bullet stuff, and we will try to get back with you as promptly as possible. But before you write, please read all of the FAQ where you may well find your question has already been answered.

Are the prices on your website current?
Yes, our website prices are always current.

Do your prices include shipping?
No, our shopping cart will calculate the shipping cost based on weight during checkout. If it calculates the shipping incorrectly, we will refund any additional shipping cost to you.

How much is shipping?
We offer USPS flat-rate shipping at the rate of $14.00 per 65 lbs., which works out to 2,000 bullets for all bullets weighing less than 240 grains. We also have 3,000-count bullet bundles for bullets weighing under 150 grains which ship for this same amount.

How do I know if you have the bullets I want in stock?
We are not a retail store or a distributor so we do not display on our website which bullets are available or out of stock. We are the manufacturer so if we don't have it in stock, we will simply make it. Other items that we sell such as brass and accessories will not be displayed on the website if the items are not available.

What is your shipping policy?
We offer a Delivery Assurance Guarantee on all of our shipping. If USPS tracking shows that you have not received your shipment 14 days (30 days during holiday season) from the date we shipped, we will replace it immediately. No questions asked.

Can I change my order after I place it?
Yes. You will need to give us a call to change or cancel your order.

What about the bullets that say Black Powder?>
The ONLY difference between the bullets listed as "Black Powder" is the type of lube used. Black Powder-lubed bullets are for BP use, the others aren't.

Will you coat my bullets if I send them to you?
You're kidding, right?

What if I ordered regular lead bullets, receive them, and decide that I wanted to order the HI-Tek version instead? Wah!!
You're out of luck. Please order what you want to order the first time. Before you order is the time to do your research, not afterwards. Sorry, but we pride ourselves on fast, accurate shipping and we must rely upon you to order what you want to order. You order, we ship it, boom!, Done deal.

How fast will your WHIPPERSNATZEN/ZEPHYR3-X bullet go without leading?
I have no idea. We don't have a ballistics lab or the time and money to build and staff one. I use established reloading manual data for the same or a similar bullet to work up loads. And I search the internet and search for a consensus. Then I start with a conservative first approximation and work up from there while checking for pressure signs and bore fouling. I actually didn't invent this technique; it is what I was taught and I think of it as basic common sense reloading practice.

What is the maximum velocity of your .317 SnapWhizzle bullet?
I don't know. I don't own that rifle and if I did, I wouldn't be loading it to maximum velocity anyhow. I don't pontificate on topics about which I have no knowledge, so you're better off without my opinion anyhow, probably.

Generally, cast lead bullets at 18 BHN or higher will take 1400 fps from a 6" barrel, faster from rifle (30 fps per inch, approximately.) Coated bullets can probably be run faster. I don't guarantee it but I am told that this is the case.

The cast bullet literature is replete with writing on the subject of various loads for the different calibers. Do some research and you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Ruger Revolver? Please read!

What is my gun's bore diameter?
Customer: I have a gun and I need to know which bullets I need to buy but don't know which ones will fit right?
Me: What is the bore diameter of your gun?
Customer: The what?
Me: The bore diameter. You know, that long hole that runs down the middle of your barrel that the bullets come out of.
Customer: Oh, that bore diameter. Sure. Hell, I have no idea.
Me: Watch this video and let me get back to my nap, then.

What are bullet bundles?
Bullet Bundles are our way of saving you money on shipping costs.  Smaller, lighter bullets weighing approximately 150 grains or less can be packed more densely into our bullet boxes such that we can ship three (and sometimes, four) thousand of them in a single flat-rate carton.  This saves you money. Bullet Bundles must be all the same bullet.

A Bullet Bundle will still ship in four boxes (because four boxes is the maximum number of boxes that will fit into a USPS flat-rate shipping carton, duh!) but the bullet count per box is higher.  We mark the upper left-hand label of each box with a handwritten "B" to indicate that this box contains more than the normal 500 count of bullets.  We also include a "Bundle Birdie" note in each shipping carton indicating that one or more boxes contained therein has more than the normal 500 count of bullets inside.

If you ordered a bullet bundle that contains four boxes of bullets, please, please, please - don't call us and tell us that we shorted you.  Open the bullet boxes and note how full they are.  For example, 125 grain 9mm bullets fill just over half the box when filled with the normal 500 bullets.  A 750-count Bundle Box will be nearly full.  If this is too much trouble, weigh the boxes and do the math.  There are 7,000 grains per pound.

You would not believe how many customers call to tell us that they have been shorted when we ship them their bullet bundles.  To avoid embarrassment, please heed.

What if I thought I was ordering cartridges instead of bullets and was surprised to find that the bullets I ordered are bullets and not ammunition?
It is possible that you are an idiot who 1.) Doesn't pay very close attention to detail when he orders things and/or 2.) Thinks that the descriptions and photographs of our bullets are actually very cleverly disguised descriptions and photographs of cartridges.  If one or both of these is true, it is likely that you shouldn't be handling explosive materiel. You probably need to read our return policy.

Will you send me free bullets?
No. Please don't ask us for free bullets, as we aren't running a welfare program here.  Why no free bullets?  It would be because we are already very busy packing and shipping dozens of cartons every day and that makes us tired and grumpy and lacking the time and inclination to interrupt the shipping process while we hunt up the ten (or five, or two) particular bullets you asked us to send to you free.  So, don't ask, ok? Just order one of our sample packs.

Are your bullets lubed?
Yes, our cast bullets are lubed. We use Thompson's Bullet Lube. There is no need for lube on the Hi-Tek coated bullets.

What is the Hi-Tek coating and how is it applied?
The coating is made in Australia and imported here. We are currently lined to up distribute this coating along with unsized/unlubed bullets so that folks can apply the coating themselves. The coating itself consists of a catalyst which binds a polymeric colorant agent with acetone which is then applied in bulk to raw bullets and baked onto the bullets' surface at nearly 400 degrees. The coating is a polymer (bonded with metal) and forms an extremely tough new surface for the bullet. The application of the coating is repeated for an additional coat. The bullets are then sized normally but not lubricated, as the coating itself acts as bullet lube. Nominal bullet diameter is not affected.

What are the advantages of Hi-Tek coated bullets?
Many indoor ranges prohibit the use of lead bullets but allow the use of coated bullets due to the fact that no lead is exposed to the environment.

Leading of the bore is dramatically reduced, as is lube smoke. Long shooting sessions do not have to be interrupted by bore cleaning.

Higher velocities can be attained with coated bullets.

Health benefits for the reloader, as there is no touching of bare lead.

Reduced force required to seat and crimp because the bullets are slippery.

2-Extreme Hi-Tek catalyst – We use this newest catalyst from the manufacturer because it has superb lubricity. It is well worth the extra cost relative to the standard catalyst. The bullets actually look "wet" and are very slippery. This lubricity reduces friction-related heat as the bullet traverses the bore.

In summary, Hi-Tek coated bullets offer the advantages associated with plated bullets without the expense.

Can I purchase the Hi-Tek 2-Extreme coating from you?
Yes! We have all ten factory colors available. The 7 ounce package will serve as the basis for one litre of finished solution (just add acetone) and will coat approximately 1000 lbs. of bullets with one coat. Two coats (which is what we do) will coat half that amount. 7 ounces will ship in a small flat-rate carton for $7.00 and is comprised of two cans, each containing 3.5 ounces. Because you will receive two cans of coating powder, you may mix and max any two colors in your order.

Can I request special sizing or can I change the type of alloy I want used?
In most cases, yes. Give us a call to place your special order.

When I seat your bullets according to the OAL that's in my (Lyman, Hornady, Lee, RCBS, et al.) manual, they won't chamber in my gun. What's wrong with your bullets?
What is wrong is that you are relying upon seating depth data based upon a bullet that is different from ours. Every bullet, even those that weigh the same, has a different shape. That's why the Lyman manual shows a unique seating depth for each of the bullets made from their mould sets.

To repeat - every bullet has a unique shape and the seating depth is unique to that particular bullet shape. To properly determine the seating depth required for a particular bullet, use the chamber of your gun as your case gauge. Generally speaking, seat the bullet to the maximum OAL lengh consistent with proper function. Do that and you're set!

How long will it take for you to fill my order?
Typically orders ship within 48 hours. However, some don't. Why? We have too many bullets and they are all priced too cheaply, hence demand is tremendous.

Why did I only receive part of my order?
We ship partial bullet shipments as the bullets are produced. We aren't very good at notifying you of this but we assure you that the remainder of your order will ship as soon as the bullets become available. You will receive an email when you order has been completed.

Do your bullets have gas checks?

Do you have a Stocking Dealer Program?
Yes. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer discounts for group orders?
Yes. We offer several discount levels starting at 12,000 bullets. Contact us for more information.

Do you provide a special discount for military personnel?
Yes, we proudly participate in the "Thank a Soldier" program started by Quinn & Rose at If you qualify, email for details from your military email address and we will provide program details. Note: Before the discount can be applied, you must contact us FIRST and have us send you the discount code. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Do you provide a special discount for sworn law enforcement personnel?
Yes, and proudly so. Please call or email us for details. Note: Before the discount can be applied, you must contact us FIRST and have us send you the discount code. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Can I combine discounts?
Sorry, we can not combine discounts at this time.

I want a bullet that you don't have. Can you make them for me?
Depending. Generally, we will purchase the requisite mould set on a minimum order basis comprised of 50,000 bullets.

I haven't received my bullets. How should I inquire about my order?
We hope that your inquiry includes details on which bullets you ordered and when you ordered them and did not simply refer to an order number. We have not yet memorized all of the order numbers but can generally tell you off the top of our heads what your order status is if you can tell us what bullets you ordered.

Do you offer samples?
Yes, we offer samples in 100 count packages. Click here to select a sample pack.

What if I don't want my bullets lubed?
We also sell bullets that are unsized and unlubed. You can purchase unsized and unlubed by clicking here or just give us a call to place your order for unsized/unlubed bullets.

Which bullet should I order?
Please do your own research. It is up to you to determine which bullet will work best for you. The people who answer our phones are there to take your order, not to do your research for you.

You already charged my credit card. Why don't I have my bullets yet?
Our secure payment gateway automatically charges your credit card at the time you place your order if you elected to pay by credit card. We cannot control that. Your bullets will be shipped just as soon as they become available. Please keep in mind that prices change periodically and paying for your order locks you into the price displayed at the time you place your order.

If I want to pay by check or money order, where do I send my payment?
Our address is listed on the about us page and will also be shown in the confirmation email that you will receive when you place an order.

How will I know when my order has been shipped?
When your order ships, you will receive an email stating that your order has been shipped.

Can I get a USPS Tracking Number?
Yes, upon request.  Please wait 4 days after receiving your automated shipping confirmation email before requesting the tracking number.  Why?  Because you will already have your shipment by then and we won't have to spend time excavating it from our postage vendor's database.  This takes time away from our shipping operation and slows the process.  Because we pride ourselves on fast, responsive  shipping, we want to maintain it. Automatically receive tracking details by visiting

When can I expect a response from my inquiry?
We respond to all phone calls and emails as time is available and available time is rare these days. Please be patient and we will reply when we are able.

I've called but I got voicemail. How do I get in touch with you?
We are a family owned and operated company so many times we are working in the shop or assisting other customers so we are not available to answer the phone. If you are calling to place an order, please use our online store to place your order. The phone is manned Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. CST. You can always leave a message and we will return your call.

Can I come to your facility to purchase my bullets?
Yes, but understand that we are a manufacturer not a retail store. Please call first to check the availability of the bullets you are wanting to purchase.

How do I get a logon and password?
If you are a first time customer, you can make up whatever logon and password you want. When you place future orders, just enter your logon and password at the top of the screen and all of your information will be automatically filled in for you.

Why do I need to enter a logon and password during checkout?
By selecting a logon and password, you are able to place future orders without having to fill in the checkout form. Once you provide your logon and password, the form will be filled out for you automatically. Also, you will have the ability to see your order history by going to my account.

How can I find out what I ordered previously?
Your can view your order history by going to my account. You will need to know your logon and password to access your order history.

Reloading forums and links: - - Hodgdon's Data Center
HandLoading and Reloading - forum

Do you provide load data?
Sorry, but due to liability reasons we do not provide this information. Please check the website of your powder manufacturer. They offer load data on their products. Also, there are many reloading forums on the internet and books that contain this information. Sometimes our customers provide what works best for them on our Range Reports.

Where can I learn more about reloading?
We recommend "Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook"

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